I like nearly everything about China, I am a great admirer of the of China's achievements in its development

——Keith Bennett, Vice Chairman of 48 Group Club

2019年01月18日16:42  来历:明升m88.com网-上海频道

I first visited China in April and May 1981, I having been to China probably over 200 times over the course of 37 years.

During that first visit I enter the mainland from Hong Kong by train up to Guangzhou, and after from Guangzhou we flew to Shanghai, from Shanghai we flew to Hefei, and in Hefei we went into the countryside to two communes, one of which was the one the first commune that introduce the household responsibility system in agriculture.

in 1981 when we went to Anhui, we went to the commune which was the first to introduce the household responsibility system and we were the first group of foreigners ever to visit at that commune. so when we went from a lodging place to the dining room during our day staying there, the entire village at seems would turn out just to look at us because they'd never seen a foreigners before.

But I think I'd like to say is that the most impressive thing is not any individual instance but just having been privileged over the course all those 37 years to have witnessed the remarkable transformation that's taking place in China. Because it's a transformation which is quite unique in history it is without precedent in it's speed and it's scale. so that one what's most impressive is that seen a country which is so vast which has 1.3 billion people almost quarter of humanity go from a country which was really quite poor and backward into such a thriving dynamic and innovative Society the second largest economy, in the world the world's biggest exporter and trading nation and so on

I think just that whole the whole experience of being a witness to China's remarkable transformation is the most important thing.

I like nearly everything about China, I am a great admirer of the of China's achievements in its development, but what I dislike about China is some of the very conspicuous flaunting of excessive wealth.

We Stand at different ends of the Eurasian continent of Continents and we have very different history, very different cultures, different political and economic systems. I think that we have some points in common, of course, Britain is a country of just over 60 million, China is a country of 1.3 billion. It gives a very different scale. whereas I think Chinese people they look to the future, they have an optimism that Next Generation, their children will live better than they do. that used to be the case in Britain but it's less certain here now. 

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